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caruso-cabrera. becky is off but joining us from sun valley on thursday morning along with warren buffett, alan simpson and erskine bowles. we're calling it searching for solutio solutions, avoiding fiscal cliff. >> china's surplus jumps. chinese officials are warning exporters face rising risks of trade protectionism abroad. the comments come a week after u.s. filed a trade dispute. from asia to europe, eurozone ministers agree to give spain an extra year to reach its deficit reduction. regulators are not you in the hot seat over the libor scandal. "new york times" reporting american and british lawmakers want to know whether regulators loud those banks to report false rates to the run up to the 2008 financial crisis and afterwards. yesterday the house financial services committee oversight panel sent a letter to the new york fed about it asking for transcripts from at least a dozen phone calls in 2007 and 2008 between central bank officials and executives at barclays. michelle. >> in corporate buzz this morning alcoa reporting better than expected second quarter earnings and rev
's really going to back this stuff up. now he has to show us the money and do that. he may have some time to do it. >> bare you talking to people over there? >> i did but they were speaking foreign languages. i listened and i was picking up a few things. i picked up a few things. facebook upgraded to market perform to underperform, but the price target taking it down to 23 from 25. the upside is slightly less uncertain at this point and much less expensive. you wonder -- we did talk about that. anything that gets -- that comes out of the box near $100 billion, it's just hard. it's hard work, and where are we now? >> what's the market with the company now? 45 billion? >> i thought it was 65. >> there's people even where it is right now that say it's, you know, a $30 billion company when it's all said and done, but who knows. who knows what it's valued at. shares of cirrus logic jumping after the bill. they may mixed signal integrated chips and circuits. they beat the street in the current revenue and tops consensus. accretive health is sejs selgtsing with minnesota over a hospital debt col
of the day's other headliners joining us on set throughout the morning. >>> first, the latest headlines on this wednesday morning. >> fed chairman ben bernanke will be back on capitol hill this morning, as part of a two-day of his semiannual humphrey hawkins address in front of the financial services committee. yesterday he stopped short of predicting more stimulus for the economy but he did warn of ri risks. >> we are looking very carefully at the economy. trying to judge weather the loss of momentum we've seen repeatedly is enduring. and whether or not the economy is likely to continue to make progress towards lower unemployment and more satisfactory labor market conditions. if those conditions -- if that does not occur, obviously, we have to consider additional steps. we've looked at a range of possible tools. mostly again involving the balance sheet and communication. >> in earnings central we also have a few names to watch this morning. bank of america, honeywell and blackrock are names reporting before the bell. analystses looking for bank of america to report 14 cents a share. in
sales, philly fed survey and leading indicators so it's plenty to keep us busy. regulators are focusing in on four big european banks. they are reporting regulators suspect barclays traders were just the ring leaders of a circle that included agricole, hsbc. can libor be reformed or is it damaged it should be scrapped. let's go over to andrew. >> we got some earnings this morning. ibm posting better than expected second quarter earnings. that was after the close. revenues fell short, but the company is raising its full year guidance despite weak tech spending. american express earnings also beat the street. revenues at the credit card company falling short of estimates as spending growth moderated. i don't know if that happened in my household. the chinese government set toby liquid private equity assets of gm's under funded pension plans. "financial times" saying china is willing to pay between $1.5 billion and $2 billion. >> ibm surged on that raising guidance and that did allay some fears about technology. a few other stocks to watch. united technologies is in final discussions to se
. back here in the u.s., today president obama, he's calling for a one year extension of bush era tax cuts for families earning less than $250,000 a year without congressional action those cuts expire on january 1st. now to michelle who has both the morning's top corporate news. >> dow alcoa reports. estimated to be up 5.8%. if you remove apple and bank of america, even if you just remove bank of america growth is seen dropping by .4%. if you're wondering why boa, they had a bad quarter compared to a year ago. farnborough air show is under way in europe. meantime boeing is said to be considering a new competing verge of its 787 dreamliner. boeing ceo jim mcnerney will join phil lebeau live at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. thompson reuters is buying fx alliance. heineken will delay investments in brazil after the government raised taxes on beer. starting in october beer taxes will be 28.8% up from 17%. brewers are already suffering from costs. joe, say it ain't so. >> it is so. also on our radar this morning lawmakers returning to capitol hill from their summer break. among the items they wi
for the economy ending with the jobs report on friday. there will be a half day of trading on tuesday. the u.s. markets are off on wednesday for the fourth of july holiday, and then the fireworks, and then on friday, the june employment report, the factory activity hitting a seven-month low. the lowest level since 2011, a change from a month ago. and japanese manufacturing sentiment, improving from the prior assessment. joe? >> thanks, steve. you have got to do that again. just for me. >> enrique? >> keep going. >> enrique, and -- >> what a great way to start a monday. >> that's the new guy. when we go to break, will you work with me? i may have to say that. >> i can roll my tongue with the best of them. enrique. enriqinreubenriqu enrique. >> this barclay guy, does he say the buck stops here. >> no, the pound stops here. >> i am surprised the brits don't say the pound stops here. several deals. bristol meyers, $31 a chair. and amylin, it traded in the $15 range before reports was servicing that bristol meyers was interested in a buyout, and they are collaborating on the products once it's comp
analysts and former cni analyst brad hintz will join us. alcatel warns on profit. shares dropping more than 15% in early european trading. mr. kernen? >> mood chip's is warning investors to see big banks as riskier than the first flames of the financial crisis five years ago and they probably always will be. the firm says risk premiums for bank debt are highly unlikely ever to return to their former levels. kansas city fed president cautions monetary policy is not a cure for unemployment. george will be a voter on the fmoc next year. she declined to say whether the fed should deliver another dose of monetary stimulus. >> hsbc had in their words a pervasively polluted culture. allowed the british bank to act as a financier to clients to seek questionable funds from dangerous and secretive corners of the world. including mexico, iran, the cayman islands, curb and sir yorks hsbc and regulators will face touch questions at a hearing today how the abuses were allowed to continue after the bank faced regulator action in 2012. >> let's get a check on the markets. yesterday was the seventh day out
bailout. the u.s. equity futures at this point, take a look. dow futures down by almost 140 points. the u.s. trezy success seen as a safe-haven. we saw that hitting record low yields and more on that in a moment. >> let's get through some of the other news this morning. some big news. u.s. prosecutors and european regulators are reportedly close to making libor arrests. reuters is saying individual traders will be charged with could lewding to manipulate global benchmark interest rates. and rake taking himself out of barclays chairman job. barclays is looking for exalternative jam candidates, shares falling on this news this morning. in other corporate headlines, nrg energy buying rifle genon. nrg ceo david crane will join us at 7:00 a.m. eastern. you don't want to miss that. and nasdaq plans to pay out $62 million in cash, this is controversial to firms that lost money in facebook's bungled ipo. it modified an earlier plan for market makers and other exchanges. the new plan is $22 million larger. the biggest difference the compensation will be paid in cash rather than trading credits for r
? >> you don't use impelling on purpose. compel is -- >> i think one involves a weapon. >> all right. futures? not going to happen before 8:30, not much, i would think, but i saw that as least as far as the s&p, we were indicated a little lower, down about three points or so on the futures. maybe we already looked. the oil board, take a quick look at what is happening in oil. we're at 85. it's been trading between 80 and 90 recently. the ten-year hasn't been the place where a lot of the action is. that's kind of stuck down there between 1.5 and 2%. the dollar was interesting yesterday, at least when viewed in terms of euros, all the way down to 1.23. and things were supposed to be much better. i saw amerimerkel made comments yesterday about no agreement for shared liability and everyone thought at least in the beginning there was an agreement for that. gold around 1,594. time for the "global markets report." kelly evans is standing by in london. good morning, kelly. >> good morning, joe. happy friday. we've got decliners out-pacing advancers by about 7-3 today, but as you just indica
is citing global weakness and recent slow down in u.s. traffic to its stores. the news adding to worries that consumers are cutting discretionary spending. amazon earnings matching wall street's estimates. the company said the growth of new businesses is boosting profits, or boosting profit margins but current guidance falls short of consense sues. gilead announced details of a pivotal trial for the oral regiment of hepatitis c. amgen getting a boost, earnings beating the street on strong demand for many of its drug. raised its full year earnings and revenue forecast. >> steve, thank you very much. let's take a look at the markets this morning and after that big rally yesterday we saw it continue throughout the day. let's look at the future. you'll see right now at least the futures are a little mixed. the dow futures are up by 12 points. nasdaq is down by over one point. everybody is waiting to see what happens with this huge gdp number. this is going to set the table for what we can expect to hear from the fed next week. steve, i don't want to go too far off tangent but this idea that
you up to sweet. u.s. stocks rallying last week lifting the dow back above 13,000, global equities extending their gains this morning only slightly. we do see positive notes. first of all, your got baines of about half a percent. all of these stock operations rising to their highest levels in more than three weeks. expectations fed and ecb will provide stimulus to provide struggling economies all over the place. both central bank are holding policy meeting this next week. flat lining for the dow, s&p futures down by 1.5 points and the nasdaq superby just a half a point. in other global market headlines euro group chief said europe is at a decisive point. he's promising leaders will decide in the coming days what measures to take. these comments follow mario draghi's comments saying they will do whatever it takes to save turo. international debt inspectors will not be leaving. they will help athens prepare a package of spending reforms. it's necessary. treasury secretary tim geithner is heading to europe. he's meeting with draghi and wolfgang schaeuble. wolfgang schaeuble has dismis
by airliners to use more fuel efficient aircraft. most companies have trouble with the next 20 weeks. not the next 20 years. these are long order businesses. you look at what it takes to build a jet. you see the big huge places where they're built, the biggest buildings in the world are where they put these things together and you see the fuselage and all these guys working and it is very cool. it takes a long time. they probably have a pretty good idea of what they're going to need. if you've driven any time recently with children, you'll see why the jet market is such a viable -- >> tell me why. >> you haven't? even if you go just to south carolina, it takes like 14 hours and you pass thousands of these big semis where every time you pass you're hoping something -- it just is a lot better. are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? >> they don't make flying an easy process. >> the worst it can be is two hours. not 14 hours. >> right. >> it's just much safer and we're going to, as, no matter how much some people don't like globalization, you won't get rid of jet fuel and
will join us. a man synonymous with financial reform, chris dodd. let's get you up to speed. citi group saying the chances of greece leaving the euro in the next 12 to 18 months have risen to about 90%. the bank had previously put that likelihood at somewhere between 50 and 75%. a citi report suggests italy and spain will be taking a formal bailout from the eu and imf on top of the banking aid for which madrid has asked. we'll have more from kelly evans in a few minutes. midwest drought is not getting any better. conditions in the midwest are the worse they have been in half a century. agriculture department extension food costs will rise. and a number of companies are reporting today. before the bell we'll hear from exxon, 3m, your nighted technologies, boston scientific, colgate palmolive, kimberly-clark, mcgraw-hill a few of the names. >> sounds like a busy morning. in other news to watch a couple key economic release, weekly jobless claims tn at 10:00 the national association of realtors reports on pending home sales. treasury secretary tim geithner returns to capitol hill. it's off
the u.s. price of its flagship smartphone in half. that's the lumina. if you have it. the discount comes barely three months after the phone's launch in an effort to stop losses in market share to rivals such as apple and samsung. >>> and ford is recalling about 8,200 recently launched 2013 escape suvs. the automaker says that a carpeting flaw may cause drivers to apply the brakes improperly. that's a little scary. increasing stopping distances and the risk of crashes. >>> finally, microsoft and nbc, they're dissolving their joint venture. nbc's buying microsoft's 50% interest in the website. it will be rebranded as the breakup was announced late last night and the relationship began to unwind in 2005 when microsoft sold its stake in the msnbc cable channel back to nbc. cnbc, of course, a unit of nbc universal, which is a unit of comcast. joe? >> i thought that already happened. i guess it's the website. >> i guess it's going to be completely rebranded. >> hello, becky quick. >> hello, my dear. how are you? >> so, i saw you with -- i recognized the mountain range b
stock options over five years. a survey today finds u.s. auto companies will hire more people and expand plants over the next year. the companies say they need to keep up with increasing consumer demand for vehicles to replace aging cars and trucks, joe. >> thanks, steve. >>> time for the global markets report. kelly evans is standing by in london this morning. kelly, how are you? >> hi, joe. i'm wonderful. thanks for sending it over here. let's just give you a quick sense of what's happening overnight in europe and across the globe, in fact. a bit of a quieter day. we really have been searching for a signal. decliners outpacing advancers. we're down 0.4%. as you can see, we were doing okay until this sharp selloff just began here. sharp although not that large in terms of magnitude. again, down about 0.4% on the day. let's take a look at what's happening across europe. a closer look. the ibex 5, this now down almost 1% in spain. when we checked in on the program just an hour or so ago, that was in the green. may have somethingo with the fact that the spanish ten-year has just crossed ba
chairman jim o'neill will be joining us live in a few minute. >>> apple's third quarter results falling short of estimates after the bell. it was the company's second miss in less than a year. the company blames a sagging european economy and a pause in iphone sales ahead of a new version for that device. apparently everybody is waiting for the i5. shares dropping sharply on this news. you saw a big haircut, down by 4.8%, a drop of more than $28. we'll continue to get this earnings foray today. a number of corporate results to watch before the bell, including boeing, caterpillar, aol, conocophillips, eli lilly, pepsi and well point. a lot more to come. >>> a broken record here but continuing fears about spain this morning. the country's funning costs have reached near new era highs. madrid has to find 50 impl euros in funding by the end of the year, 10 billion euros more than than they expected at the start of the year. regional debt soaring borrowing costs, higher deficit and souring market sentiment, which could account to too much for madrid without aid. >>> moody's cutting outlook f
whelmingly people are out against this. the idea they want to decide where they use their calories for the day. it's also interesting that the mayor pointed back to this and said this was the way people felt about smoking and look what happened with that ban. >> i don't want to seem like a complete idiot, but yesterday we talked about the 16.9 ounces. >> half a liter. >> 16.9 ounces. we were talking about why it was a standard size. that's the standard size. for our audience in europe, thank you. coming up, earnings the story of the day. you heard about dupont, but we have a lot more. at&t, ups and we have a number of other ones. we take a look at anames to watch, but first, attention aspiring "american idol's". becky, he hope you're watching this. there is a new person to impress. grammy-winning pop star maria ca carey will join "american idol" next season. for those of you playing money ball at home, the news reports say she's paid a whooping $17 million. >> wow. choose control. introducing gold choice. the freedom you can only get from hertz to keep the car you reserved or simpl
. steve? >>> the focus will then turn to the u.s. jobs market, the adp employment report for june will be released at 8:15 eastern time, followed up by jobless claims data 15 minutes later at 8:30. all of this is the pregame for tomorrow's employment report. retailers are reporting june same-store sales today. analysts expect retailers could post their lowest monthly gains in three years. it's becoming more expensive meanwhile to rent an apartment. asking rents rose to $1,091 a month in the second quarter, 1% higher than the first quarter and biggest increase in nearly 2350i6 years. analyst says this affects the growing number of people who aren't able or willing to buy a new home and the lack of construction. >>> walking in here i saw where the futures were. i think when i did the fair value minus the futures, that's what i saw, down about 4 points. probably not a lot of action until we get the adp report. it's a double whammy today because of the holiday. we'll get the claims number as well as -- >> that cowl be 0.0002, couldn't it? >> yes. no coincidence that -- >> the grilling
'm andrew ross sorkin along with joe kernen. becky is reporting live from sun valley, idaho and join us live in the next hour with special guest host warren buffett. at 8:00 hold court with two men synonymous with the debt debate, simpson and bowles. we got a lot to discuss with capital management. we'll find out how bullish so. let's bring you up to speed on the morning's top headlines. ecb's move to cut the deposit rate to zero having an instant impact. banks having more than amount of cash parked at the central bank overnight. policymakers hope the rate cut will encourage banks to look for more profitable options beyond the ecb. international energy agency says the global economic slow down can put a lid on oil prices but cautions there's a risk that nasty supply surprises could ignite a market rally. news this morning that the new york fed will release libor documents. that's coming up tomorrow. central bank official says the information will show that the regional fed bank could prompt action four years ago to highlight problems with the benchmark interest rate and press for reform. the
, of course, resigned back in may. banking analyst dick bove will join us on this in just a moment. >>> china's economic growth slowing to a three-year low in the latest quarter, expanding by 7.6%. government stimulus apparently couldn't offset weaker exports and consumer spending. >>> and in europe, moody's downgrading italy's government bond rating by two notches to baa-2. we'll have an analyst from london with more details including elements of another key debt auction. >>> first, mandy is going to bring us up to speed on some of the new twists in that libor scandal. >> good morning, everybody. treasury secretary tim geithner pressed the bank of england in june 2008 to make changes in the way that libor was set. at the time geithner was the head of the new york fed. he sent a private e-mail to irvin king recommending six ways to enhance the credibility of the key interest rate benchmark. among the ideas, reporting borrowing costs for the calculation of libor to attest to the accuracy of their rates. >>> in other news, 12 global banks that have been publicly linked to the libor scandal face
with joe kernen and michelle caruso-cabrera. becky will join us from sun valley along with three very special guests. we talked about them before, warren buffett, alan simpson, and erskine bowles. you don't want to miss it. in the meantime let's bring you up to speed and prepare you for the day ahead with what's going on in the news overnight. spain announcing a $79.9 billion austerity plan, including tax hikes and spending cuts. the spanish government is removing public sector christmas bonus and reviewing retirement pengs as well. in other news, jpmorgan set to report quarterly results friday morning. and the street already buzzing about what we're likely to hear. today's wall street journal reporting millions of dollars of clawbacks from executives who ran the chief investment office could be announced. paper announcing jpmorgan losses will come to $5 billion for q2 and future losses will be less than $1 billion. we told you last week it would be between $4 and $6 billion, so i think we got it right there in the middle. bank executives set to have struck a balance between wrap
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